Reward Policy

Ideaward receives ideas through two main channels: the Bank of Ideas and Competitions. Each of these channels has a specific reward scheme.

Bank of Ideas:

This category encloses all ideas submitted outside competitions. This is an all time running category and all subjects are welcomed.

There are two parallel reward schemes for the Bank of Ideas:

  1. Ideaward Prize. All ideas submitted are evaluated on a quarterly basis by an Ideaward jury. The best ten ideas are selected and one prize of 1.000 £ and nine of 100£ are awarded.
  2. Reward through private companies or organisations: this is an open reward, it depends on the idea and the company taking it. Most rewards will move between 100 and 1.000£. The full reward issued by the company goes into you, Ideaward does not take any fee.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more detail about the selection process and prizes and payment terms.

Competitions in specific fields:

Ideaward organises Competitions, either internally or sponsored by external companies or organisations. Rewards will differ depending on the Competition; please check Open Contests to know which ones are now active and which is the reward for the best ideas submitted in each of them. You need to refer to each competition for full detail on its terms and conditions.