Ideaward Jury

Patricia Cordeiro
Ideaward Founder

Prior to founding IDW, Patricia worked during almost 15 years in the FMCG industry. With a background in engineering, her career started in marketing and sales for DuPont and continued in the supply chain for Henkel and Kimbery Clark. She has significant international experience, having worked in Spain, Italy and UK, where she now lives.
Patricia is passionate, energetic, tenacious (a bit stubborn too) and almost always cheerful. She started Ideaward following her dream to lead a caring, positive company, where proud employees could happily work to achieve a challenging objective: make the world a better place.

Giorgio Delpiano
General Manager Shell

Giorgio is the General Manager for the West of Europe of the Shell card commercial Fleet business. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Thermodynamics from the Turin Polytechnic and in 2004 earned an MBA at London Business School. He has a solid experience in the Downstream Oil and Energy industry and the Business to Business and retail markets.
Giorgio has a passion for innovation and sustainable development and brings to the Ideaward Jury a strong commercial perspective on execution.
When he is not working he is playing with his two daughters or trying to prepare for a marathon that never comes.

Berthold Kraus
Vice President Robert Bosch

Berthold started working for Robert Bosch GmbH in 1994 after graduating in Production Engineering at the Friedrich Alexander Universität in Erlangen (Germany). He has served in different functions and countries and is currently Vice President Purchasing for indirect materials, services and investment goods for the production facilities of Robert Bosch South Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa.
He provides his vast experience in manufacturing and purchasing and true passion for innovation to the Ideaward Jury. His international experience increases the multicultural approach of the Ideaward Jury.
Berthold is a passionate traveler with a strong interest for wild nature.

Thierry Bodiot
President Ecotemis

Thierry, a french entrepreneur, has spent his entire career within the building and energy industries, putting significant emphasis on sustainability roadmaps and innovation practices.
Prior to establishing Ecotemis, a design and manufacturing enterprise producing customized BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics), Thierry served as CEO of HelioSphera, the biggest European micromorph thin-film manufacturing company. His experience in the energy and building industries has shaped Ecotemis vision of a decentralized, green energy sector serving the needs of modern cities, with the crucial role photovoltaics would play in enabling our fundamental journey to sustainability.
When not travelling for work Thierry enjoys two passions: running and attending art exhibitions.