How do we protect your ideas?

Our objective is to promote generation of ideas, ensuring that ideas are not lost, and to provide a fair reward to its creators. We work in mutual trust with you and major companies to ensure that this principle is not broken. We have established a solid base to protect your idea until you get your reward:

  1. Your ideas are not visible to the public. Once you report an idea it gets into our database which is protected. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement contract which restricts them from communicating, sharing or using any idea submitted to Ideaward.
  2. We only share your ideas with our jury and major companies that have agreed with the main Ideaward principle of rewarding idea generators.

We neither provide an alternative way to patents* for Intellectual Property protection nor buy and sell Intellectual Property.

Once you submit your idea you willingly accept sharing your Intellectual Property with us and the major companies that we will contact in exchange of a potential reward and the opportunity to make your idea happen. Please read carefully our terms and conditions for full detail about intellectual protection, confidentiality, privacy and reward policy.

*Full IP protection is only provided by patents. Ideas need to have a tangible form to apply for a patent. This means that a clear specification including technical drawings, chemical form, etc needs to be behind. Just ideas or concepts are not patentable. You can find more information about IP protection at:


British websites:

United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office


International websites:

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Ufficio italiano brevetti e marchi

World Intellectual Property Organization

World Trade Organization

European Patent Office

German Patent office