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Do not lose your good ideas, deposit them in the Bank of Ideas and be rewarded!

Which ideas can be deposited in the bank of ideas?

Ideaward is looking for ideas that can bring an improvement to a product or activity around us. If you are really creative you can even think bigger and imagine completely brand new products or services. There are no limits to what can be imagined…

Ideas can be deposited at any time in the Bank of Ideas. All subjects, as long as people will directly or indirectly benefit from the Idea, are welcome.

How are ideas evaluated?

Ideaward has three main criteria to evaluate ideas and establish their potential:



    Does the idea bring something NEW?



    Can it be translated into PRACTICE?



    How many people will benefit from it?

What is the prize for the best ideas?

  • All the ideas that meet the three basic criteria are inscribed automatically to the IDEAWARD PRIZE. The best ten ideas deposited every year in the Bank of Ideas can get an award of up to 1.000£.
  • The winners are invited to the IDEAWARD PRIZE CEREMONY where they are recognised for their creativity by leading industry professionals.
  • Ideaward shares the best ideas with major companies or institutions and negotiates a reward for those ideas they are interested in. The amount of this external reward is open (can go from 50£ to 5.000£), it depends on the company and the idea. The full reward goes to you, Ideaward does not take any fee or commission.

Please read carefully our terms and conditions for full information about privacy, intellectual property protection and reward policy.

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