What we do

We link consumers and organizations ensuring that good ideas are heard and creative consumers rewarded.

Our objective is to encourage the generation and execution of ideas in any field and about any subject. We collect ideas, share them with major companies or organisations and negotiate a fair reward for its creators. Our ideas might have a commercial application or a philanthropic aim.

How do we gather ideas?

  • CompetitionsCompetitions run for a limited period of time. They are exciting challenges to improve or develop specific products or services. They are sponsored by our partners or clients who define its purpose, duration and rewards.
  • Bank of IdeasIdeas about any subject can always be reported at the Bank of Ideas. Ideaward shares these ideas with major companies and negotiates a reward for the ones they are interested in. All ideas reported participate as well in the annual Ideaward Prize.

Ideas need to meet three requisites to be suitable for submission:



    Does the idea bring something NEW?



    Can it be translated into PRACTICE?



    How many people will benefit from it?

You can learn more about how to report your idea, the reward you can achieve or how we protect Intellectual Property